Double Your Revenue Just With 10 Keywords

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Hey everyone, here’s a quick video on how you can double your revenue just by adding 10 keywords to your business.

This is something a lot of businesses are missing out on and leaving money on the table. You can definitely increase the amount of calls, leads, and appointments to grow the revenue for your business.

If you’re looking for some keyword ideas, here’s a few to start with:

  • INDUSTRY near me – when people search for things like “Plumber near me”, “Coffee near me”, etc.
  • Emergency INDUSTRY – think of things like “emergency HVAC”.
  • Best INDUSTRY – this is a keyword obviously the customer is looking for the absolute BEST in their search. “Best Phone Repair”.
  • Local INDUSTRY – many times customers want a local business to serve them in their area.
  • INDUSTRY services – another variation of someone looking for specific services.

This is just the start to the journey with finding keywords to use for your business. Some will work, and then some will not, but that’s the entire point with marketing is finding the winning campaigns to scale your business with.