This Easy Hack Can Find Customers In Your Local Area

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Hey everyone! Today we talk about how this easy hack can find customers in your local area.

The great thing is that it is SO easy to do, and you can do it for free to try out for yourself.

Now you’re probably wondering why would you even consider using keyword planner? Overall its gives you a better idea what you’re customers are looking for, and why.

With the Google ads keyword planner, it can give you an idea of how many people are searching for your product or service, and I love that. There’s been multiple times where I can get a new idea and run with a new advertising campaign to generate more sales.

The great thing too is that you can scale your campaigns just by increasing the area that your business serves.

For example: Let’s just say you’re an insurance sales rep who can potentially sell in multiple states. What’s awesome is that you can start with a local area, or work in multiple states to generate more calls, leads and appointments.

Now every business will be different in terms of what is needed. A local coffee shop could have thousands of searches a month, while someone who provides a services may be much lower depending on the area.

Again there are a lot of variables in terms of what you can do. However there is so much potential what to do just with Google ads.